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Why is a table tennis racket paddle black on the one side and red on the other?

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Update time : 2016-09-10 11:33:58
Table tennis racket regulations allow different surfaces on each side of the racquet. The different types of surfaces provide various levels of spin or speed, or in some cases, nullify spin. For example, a player may have a rubber that provides much spin on one side of his racquet, and no spin on the other side of the racquet. By flipping the racquet in play, different types of returns are possible. To help a player distinguish between different types of rubber used by his opposing player, international rules specify that one side must be red while the other side must be black. The player has the right to inspect his opponent's racquet before a match to see the type of rubber used and what color it is. Despite high speed play and rapid exchanges, a player can see clearly what side of the racquet was used to hit the ball. Current rules state that, unless damaged in play, the racquet cannot be exchanged for another racquet at any time during a match.
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